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Chemical Attraction

At K-Limited, liquid bulk transportation is our specialty and the niche around which we’ve built our success. In fact, our area of expertise is a huge source of pride for all of us at K-Limited. The way we see it, hauling liquids—whether chemicals, acids or lubricants—is the pinnacle of the shipping industry, requiring a slate of highly skilled industry experts to ensure their safe, timely and efficient delivery. 

It’s why K-Limited Carrier is such an attractive choice to customers throughout the Midwest for the special delivery of their hazardous and non-hazardous liquid bulk cargo…and why they continue to stay with us year after year.

Leveraging clear-cut communications, incomparable inventory control and superior time management, K-Limited has gone to every length to offer the most innovative, technologically advanced programs and transportation methods. By working closely alongside our customers we become true partners, allowing us to become something of an extra arm of service for their businesses.

Using industry leading training methods and ascribing to superior safety standards alleviates problems for both our customers and the community. Plus, our extensive stock of specialized equipment—including a modern fleet of aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber-lined tanks—enables us to offer both great diversity and the utmost confidence in the shipping of hazardous or non-hazardous material product.