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Pride. Performance. Professionalism.



Tank truck owner-operators that partner with K-Limited get exclusive benefits, like ELD cost coverage, training, and more.


We are looking for the elite independent contractors. Those who excel at carrying and want to accelerate their bottom line. The type of driver that can exceed their own expectations. Drivers that can check those boxes deserve a partner helping keep them up, running, and profitable.

In the K-Limited Carrier family, our business partners are encouraged to embrace their independence. It’s our goal to help entrepreneurial drivers enhance their operation by sharing the complete, comprehensive core values that make us all better, together.

Our partners get all the backing they need to focus on their driving. We recognize that one of the biggest benefits of being an independent contractor is the low overhead. To help all of our partners seamlessly improve every aspect of their operation, we tailor our services to maximize theirs––Providing e-log training, fuel programs, business education, maintenance support and more. Overall, it's our goal to ensure that our ICs have access to every tool needed for safe driving and successful businesses.

At K-Limited Carrier, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the nation’s premier tank companies, built solidly on the Pride, Performance and Professionalism of our award-winning lineup of elite drivers. We’d like you to be a part of that lineup.